DDI-Predictor is a website dedicated to quantitative prediction of the impact on drug exposure of drug-drug interactions mediated by cytochromes P450 3A4, 2D6, 2C9, 2C19 and 1A2, as well as genetic polymorphism of these cytochromes, the combined effect of drug interaction and cytochrome polymorphism, cirrhosis, and drug-drug interactions in cirrhotic patients.

Distinctive feature

DDI-Predictor is NOT a database in the usual sense. DDI-Predictor is able to make quantitative predictions of drug exposure e.g. in case of drug-drug interaction even if this interaction has not been studied. This is the distinctive feature of DDI-Predictor. The predictions are made using static equations of physiologically-based pharmacokinetic models.

Adjusting drug dose

The predictions are made under the form of AUC ratios.

Estimating the dose to be given is very simple in most cases:
Adjusted dose = (Current or usual dose) / (AUC ratio)


DDI-Predictor's database and prediction engines are now accessible via an API, which makes it more convenient for anyone wishing to take advantage of DDI-Predictor's predicting capabilities in their own applications.

Access is per request only, and each project will be evaluated before any access is granted.

In the meantime, anyone can checkout the documentation

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